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Do you have a sample of a WebHooks script?

Yes, here it is:

< ? php // This is a sample for 123FormBuilder WebHooks usage // In this example, we will capture all data received using HTTP POST and send it by email // Using WebHooks, you can extend the use of 123ContactForm web forms, // ie: store the data in your own database, directly display it on your website etc. // for more details, visit http://www.123contactform.com/webhooks.html $formdata = ARRAY(); foreach ($_POST as $key => $value) {
$value = stripslashes($value);
if (array_key_exists('uid', $formdata)==false) die('One essential parameter was not POST-ed. Exiting.');

// We will now collect all received data, and send by email
$emailtxt="Received data:\r\n";

//Lets use field Subject
$emailtxt.="$formdata[controlname190] is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[controlvalue190]\r\n";

//Lets use field Name - component # 1
$emailtxt.=$formdata['controlname2088968-1']." is "; $emailtxt.=$formdata['controlvalue2088968-1']."\r\n";

//Lets use field Name - component # 2
$emailtxt.=$formdata['controlname2088968-2']." is "; $emailtxt.=$formdata['controlvalue2088968-2']."\r\n";

//Lets use field Email
$emailtxt.="$formdata[controlname189] is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[controlvalue189]\r\n";

//Lets use field Your 123ContactForm username
$emailtxt.="$formdata[controlname1474] is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[controlvalue1474]\r\n";

//Lets use field Your account Status
$emailtxt.="$formdata[controlname367263] is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[controlvalue367263]\r\n";

//Lets use field URL
$emailtxt.="$formdata[controlname2089107] is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[controlvalue2089107]\r\n";

//Lets use field Form URL
$emailtxt.="$formdata[controlname13054140] is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[controlvalue13054140]\r\n";

//Lets use field Form URL
$emailtxt.="$formdata[controlname119314] is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[controlvalue119314]\r\n";

//Lets use field On which website did you find the form?
$emailtxt.="$formdata[controlname5747808] is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[controlvalue5747808]\r\n";

//Lets use field Message
$emailtxt.="$formdata[controlname191] is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[controlvalue191]\r\n";

//Lets use field Message
$emailtxt.="$formdata[controlname19352765] is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[controlvalue19352765]\r\n";

//Lets use field Would you like to be contacted by a member of our team?
$emailtxt.="$formdata[controlname2577963] is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[controlvalue2577963]\r\n";

//Lets use field Phone number
$emailtxt.="$formdata[controlname2578148] is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[controlvalue2578148]\r\n";

//Lets use field Skype ID
$emailtxt.="$formdata[controlname12277587] is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[controlvalue12277587]\r\n";

// We will now add other data sent by 123ContactForm: UserID, FormID, MessageID, IP
$emailtxt.="UID is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[uid]\r\n";
$emailtxt.="FID is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[fid]\r\n";
$emailtxt.="MID is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[mid]\r\n";
$emailtxt.="IP is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[ip]\r\n";
$emailtxt.="Referer is "; $emailtxt.="$formdata[referer]\r\n";

// Now lets send an email
$from="From: customercare@123formbuilder.com\r\nReturn-path: customercare@123formbuilder.com";
mail("customercare@123formbuilder.com", 'WebHooks Example', $emailtxt, $from);

// Now that you understood how WebHooks work, you can go for advanced tasks:
// store in your database, post to your blog or guestbook, send data by fax, conquer Mars...

It is a script that takes user input and sends it to an email address. At the end of the URL, you can see the ID of the form for which this script works. You can change the ID and the email address that appears at the end of the script and use the script as it is, by pasting the URL in your SettingsApplicationsWebHooks box.

You can also use the script as a starting point and customize it in any way you wish.


  1. is 123Form provide any security method to sign the webhook URL? To make sure that the POST request send to webhook URL is from 123Form, not from somewhere else (hacked server)

    1. Hello! That security method can not be established on our side. You will need to add that restriction in your script.Thank you!

    1. Hello!

      You can download data from the Submissions table of each one of your forms in a CSV file. You can later open the CSV file with Microsoft Excel or a similar program. Read more on our documentation here on how to export and import CSV files in Submissions.

      For questions or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team at support@123formbuilder.com or via our contact form.


    1. Hello Sharon,

      You’ll need to save the webhook as a php or asp file type and upload it on a server. From there, just copy its link and add in the WebHooks integration app from the 3rd Party Apps section of your form. Customize the settings as you choose and save your changes. The integration will do the rest.

      For more questions or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team at http://www.123formbuilder.com/aboutus.html

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