Five Star Entourage

Rental Lease Agreement Form

Please read carefully prior to signing the contract.

Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully prior to signing the contract.

  • Rental Payment is due at least 7 days before delivery of the bus. The minimum $100 deposit is not refundable. The deposit holds the bus for your event. Once full payment is made for rental, the payment is non refundable. However, a credit will be given valid for 12 months after date of trip.

  • If you book more than one bus and then cancel the additional bus within 7 days of the rental date you will be charged the full rate of that bus(s).

  • You must not exceed party bus(s) passenger capacity, NO overloading.

  • Please note that your party begins when the driver arrives for the initial pick-up and ends

    when the last person is dropped off. No exceptions. Customer agrees that overtime will be billed at the contract rate by the hour and agrees to pay any overtime charges whether or not the entire hour is used. Additional charges are to be paid in full before your party ends. Also note that there is no guarantee that overtime hours will be available. Please be sure that the number of hours you are writing on the contract will be sufficient time for your event.

  • If the Bus is not on time to the initial destination for pickup of the customers, Five Star Entourage LLC will provide the missed time at the end of the night, no refunds will be given.

  • (Paying with cash will help avoid the small 3% fee for merchant services.) Cancellations

All parties will have to be paid in full before we allow anyone onboard the bus. Cancellations are only accepted by telephone 512-590-4119 or email at

21+ Drinking ONLY

All guests on the party bus MUST be 21 or older to drink alcoholic beverages. By law, no alcohol can be consumed by anyone less than 21 years of age. If there is ONE or more underage people on bus we will not allow any alcoholic beverages or alcoholic containers to be brought on the bus. Our staff is allowed to check ID’s. All identification must be valid and current.

Zero Tolerance Policy

No drugs, no violence, no weapons of any kind will be tolerated. We have a zero tolerance policy for disorderly behavior and the ENTIRE PARTY will be immediately dropped off your prearranged destination and no refunds will be given

for unused time. The unruly persons in question may be asked to get off the bus at the next available public gas station, parking lot, shopping area or where driver deems safe to unload.

Bus Safety Rules

  • Do NOT hang from hand rails or grab bars, they are for helping you stand and walk in the bus, not for pull ups.

  • You must not exceed party bus(s) passenger capacity, NO overloading.

  • Absolutely NO hanging out the windows (heads, arms, hand, body) or throwing trash out

    the windows will be allowed. This is for your own safety. If you do not abide by these

    rules we will end the trip immediately.

  • We recommend that there be NO glass bottles, cups or glass containers allowed on the

    bus. (Please let me know if this is your only option and we will work something out.) This is for your own protection. If you must bring cups, please use plastic or Styrofoam disposable cups.

  • Do not under any circumstances distract the driver; (blocking any mirrors or windshield, screaming, yelling, and banging the bus interiors/exteriors) we want you and your party to arrive safely.

  • We will NOT pick up additional people through the night that were not on the itinerary list, unless specified in advance during booking. This is for your safety. Also, we are not responsible for what happens while you or your family and friends are off the bus.

  • Enter at your own risk, our number one focus is safety. All modes of transportation including bus transport involve an inherent risk of injury or property damage. By signing this contract, you and your entire party voluntarily accept and assume all risks of injury, loss of property or property damage that may result from this trip.

    If you or anyone in your party fails to abide by the rules and results in any damage to the bus interior or exterior, you will be subject to the following.

    Cleaning Fee

  • There is also a $100.00 - $300,00 BODILY FLUID FEE or excessive cleaning fee, per occurrence, for clean-up and will be charged to the person that signs the service contract, no exceptions. Five Star Entourage LLC is a smoke-free environment. There will be a $100.00 DEODORAZTION Fee, for any smoking that occurs during your trip, and will be charged to the person signing the contact.

  • Jell-O shots are NOT allowed. Damaged Property Fee

If any property of Five Star Entourage, LLC gets damaged or stolen by the contract holder or guests, you will be held liable for replacement costs, collection fees; attorney fees, court costs, etc. We want the party bus to stay looking great for our customers, PLEASE HELP US KEEP IT THIS WAY.

Extra Fees

Tolls and parking fees are not included in the rental rate. Contract holder is a responsible for any and all tolls and parking fees assessed by the bus while on this trip. No Parking fees for drop-off/pick-up downtown Austin, or where free parking is available. Toll ways can be avoided at the request.

Five Star Entourage, LLC will not be responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen property. So keep all personal items with you at all times.

Social Media Release Agreement

Pictures/videos may be taken by Five Star Entourage, LLC to use these items for any and all promotional purposes including but not limited to print, flyers, internet/magazine ads, etc.


One of the most important things to remember is to take care of your driver. Our drivers are independent contractors and work for tips. The driver’s goal is to drive you and your group in the safest way possible to and from your destination while having fun. Our drivers want you to enjoy yourselves and have the best experience on your trip with Five Star Entourage LLC. Our drivers take care of you and expect you to take care of them in return. The recommended tip amount is 15%, however if you can tip more, go for it. Remember, gratuity is NOT INCLUDED in your payment.


As condition of being permitted on the bus and the use of this charter, the contract holder and its ENTIRE PARTY, AGREES TO HOLD HARMLESS, RELEASE, INDEMNIFY, AND PROMISE NOT TO BRING A CLAIM AGAINST OR SUE Five Star Entourage, LLC or its employees, agents, officers or affiliates from any and all liabilities on account of, in any way NEGLIGENCE or by any other reason. The customer understands that Acts of God, Unforeseen traffic, and severe weather conditions may delay travel. There may be unexpected vehicle breakdowns and other unforeseen events beyond the control of Five Star Entourage, LLC for which all efforts will be made to supply a replacement vehicle, no refund is due. If no replacement vehicle is available, the refund will be limited to the amount paid by the customer. In case of an emergency, Five Star Entourage, LLC may subcontract this rental to another company. Five Star Entourage, LLC is not responsible to fulfill itineraries developed by the customer, which indicate a time the customer expects to arrive at a certain location after the initial pickup time.

Contract Obligations:

I understand and agree to the length and usage along with any charges and further agree to pay for any and all damages my party may cause during the rental periods. I also agree to the above Rules and Regulations. All damages are the sole discretion of the driver. I understand and agree to pay the entire contract price if the cancellation policy is not followed. The number of hours

I agree to on the contract is the minimum hours I agree to pay. I understand that this is a legal and binding contract. I agree that the laws of the State of Texas shall govern this contract. I understand and agree that this agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as possible as permitted by law, and if any portion is held invalid, the balance shall continue in full

legal force and effect.

* If you pay with Cash – We will give you a small discount * This will avoid the 3% merchant fee *