Charter with Texas Young Democrats

Chartering your club with Texas Young Democrats is easy to do, and this year we've worked to make it even simpler.

By chartering, your club joins a network of young activists

across Texas just like you, gets access to trainings and support to help you grow your club, and gains a voice in the governing body of Texas Young Democrats.

To recognize your group as an official member, we need:

Your organization's name and contact info.

A list of officers, showing role, address, phone, email, date

of election, and term of office.

A full roster of your club's current membership list including address (or Senate District), contact info, date of birth, and signature showing support of the Democratic Party principles. To qualify a chapter must have at least 5 (or 10) members based on the number of Democratic votes in the previous cycle or enrollment population of the campus. 

A recent copy of the organization minutes.

A copy of your group's constitution.

Your copy of the meeting minutes to be signed by at least 5

(or 10) members.

Please email all attachments to